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About Monthly Menagerie

Thank you so much for your interest in the Monthly Menagerie Felting Club.

It's all about the wool ... and the stabbing and, either learning to felt from scratch or, if you've felted before, growing your needle felting skills.

My name is Tracey and I have been felting professionally for over 5 years under the name Benton's Menagerie. My surname is Benton and I make felted birds and beasts, hence the name of my business.

I teach in my Bideford studio and other venues around Devon and also sell and exhibit my work in selected galleries across the UK.

Through the Monthly Menagerie Felting Club I'm sharing needle felted sculptures from my Devon studio and showing you, step by step, how to you can make them yourself in the comfort of your own home, by proving you with the same tools and materials that I use and detailed video tutorials.

How it works

This so flexible that you can order a single Project Box, buy a monthly subscription or dip in and out whenever you see a project that you fancy having a 'stab' at making. (For non-felters that's a felting joke - there's LOTS of stabbing involved in needle felting!)

The projects in my Woodland Wall Hanging series are assigned to a particular month. So there's a new felted wall hanging for you to make each month. You can order or pre-order any project but it will only be sent out in the month that it is due. It won't be sent earlier. 

The Woodland Wall series has been specifically designed so that you learn a new technique each month, and, in addition, there's a skills progression throughout the series, giving you the opportunity to grow your skills as you go.

There'll also be one-off Project Boxes available throughout the year.

Final order dates for each project are published on the shop pages. You won't be able to order a project once orders are closed.

Of course if you signed up for several months you don't have to worry about deadlines, because your subscription box of goodies will automatically be sent to you until your subscription expires.

All the Project Boxes are available as gift options too.

Once you have placed your order you will be sent a confirmation email. When the subscription is in the post you will be sent an email from hello@bentonsmenagerie.co.uk - please do make sure you add this email to you contacts list so that you receive all the information you need (otherwise it might end up in your spam folder). You will be sent your login details for the members' pages on the Benton's Menagerie website, where you will be able to access all the video tutorials related to the subscription you have ordered. You will also be able to join the private Members' Facebook page.

Have a noss around the shop and see if anything takes your fancy. Or bob over the Benton's Menagerie to find out more about what I do as well as workshops in my studio.

A word about copyright

I have designed the projects in the Monthly Menagerie felting Club to share with you my love of felting. All the designs remain my designs and are protected by copyright. I am happy for you to make as many of each project as you would like for personal use, including as gifts for family or friends, but you are not authorised to use any of the designs for commercial purposes. In other words please don't sell my designs.

My desire is that I pass on the felting bug to you and, with all your new skills, you go on to create your own wonderful designs to share with the world.

Benton's Menagerie is proud to be a member and support the aims and objectives of the trade organisation ACID (Anti Copyright in Design).

Happy stabbing.

Any questions, please email me using the contact page.